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    Custom Ringtones (DID and Ring Groups)

    Discover how to create custom ringtones.

    Ciscos: enter simple-1 into the 'custom ringtone' section.

    Snom: enter the following string into the 'custom ringtone' section. Example: Alert-Info: <>

    Yealink: In your phones web interface, you have to navigate to the Account tab select Advanced and scroll down to Distinctive Ring Tones and change to Enabled.

    From the Settings tab select Ring and add a value to the 'Internal Ringer Text' you would like to use; for example Ring4. Select the 'Internal Ringer File' file from the list that you would like the phone to play when PBXware send this string to your phone, for example ‘Ring4.wav’.

    UAD Auto Provisioning – User Agent Auto General Provisioning Template:

    account.1.alert_info_url_enable = 1 (Enables 'Distinctive Ring Tones' in the Account -> Advanced section)

    distinctive_ring_tones.alert_info.1.text = Ring4 (Sets the 'Internal Ringer Text' value found in Setting -> Ring)

    distinctive_ring_tones.alert_info.1.ringer = 4 (Sets the 'Internal Ringer File' value found in the Settings -> Ring)


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