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    PBX Version 4.1+ Instant Recording

    Learn how to instantly record on PBX Version 4.1 and later releases.

    Instant recording allows the user to be able to start or stop a recording mid way through a call, however the user can only do this one throughout a call. 

    1. To begin the process the user must have instant recording set to yes in enhanced services; once it is set to yes they also need to edit it. Setting it to silent will mean that the caller and the callee do not hear the words 'Recorded' when they dial *159. Setting it to email means that once the recording is complete they will get the file emailed to them. 
    2. After you have set up enhanced services you will then need to disable default call recording if this has already been done because instant recording does not strictly toggle on and off call recording.
    3. Once you have set this the user will be able to dial out and then begin recording by dialling *159 and end it either by ending the call or by dialling *159 again.

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