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    Allow outbound calls to specific destinations for an extension

    Understand how to set up outbound call restrictions for a specific extension, allowing specific destinations.

    It is possible to allow outbound calls only to specific destination for an extension or block all outbound calls.


    In order to complete this task you will need the following :

    The administration email address 

    The login password 

    The IP address of your VoIPOffice

    All these details were provided in the original Welcome Pack email the account holder received from Telappliant.


    Log on to your VoIPOffice :

    If you are unsure how to access your VoIPOffice server then please review this article.

    Allowing an extension to make outbound calls to specific destinations or to block all outbound calls

    Once logged on to your VoIPOffice, follow these steps to block all outbound calls or to allow calls to specific destinations. 

    1. Click on 'Extensions' in the navigation menu on the left hand side. 


    2. Click on the edit button beside the Extension you wish to update. 


    3. The extension's Edit page opens. Click on Destinations.  


    4. A new window will open, click on 'Set destinations manually'. By default all destinations are allowed for outbound calls.  

    On the next screen, you will now get the option to manually allow Remote Destinations, Local Destinations and Other Networks.


    Remote Destinations: 

    To allow outbound calls to a specific prefix, select the green tick for that prefix. The key option allows a prefix with the extension's PIN required. By default the prefixes are all disabled when manually doing the set up. 


    In this case for example, we are just allowing outbound calls to O2 mobile numbers. Click the Save button when all is done.


    Local Destinations:

    All destinations within the system. 


    Other Networks: 

    Other PBX networks if available.


    To block all destinations, make sure that you get the red cross for everything. To allow all destinations, click on 'Allow all destinations'.


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