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    Polycom Dial plans (Digitmap)

    Learn how to set up efficient dial plans for Polycom systems to ensure quick and smooth communications.

    Some resources/information regarding Polycom dial plans (digitmaps) is below.

    Example dial plan to replace a leading 0 with 44 on UK calls:


    The first part of this dial plan defines what counts as an international call. This will accept any number that starts with two 0s followed by any digit from 1-9 and up to a further 10 digits (this can be increased as necessary by adding more x's). If a call does not match the first part of the dial plan, it will proceed to the second part (separated by |). This part of the dial plan uses the RRR modifiers. Anything between the first two R's is replaced by anything between the second and third R's. Therefore 0 is replaced with 44 in all cases except where the first 0 is followed by a second 0.

    Useful guides/links for Polycom dial plans:





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