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    How to: Polycom Firmware Pack

    Old/New Firmware installation

    Supported firmware images:

    • v3.1.x
    • v3.2.x
    • v3.3.x
    • v4.0.x

    Device support matrix: http://downloads.polycom.com/voice/voip/sip_sw_releases_matrix.html


    Download all v4.x BootROMs and all SIP firmwares in either combined or split mode.To upgrade phones to SIP v4.x firmware, you need to download BootROM v4.4 upgrade!

    If you download combined SIP images, it is easier to rename it as there is only one file. Disadvantage is that files have to download more content since it is only one file.

    If you download split SIP images, there are more files to rename. Advantage is that files are smaller and phones will download less data.

    All phones have to be on BootROM >= 4.x.

    SIP images Unpack all firmwares in seperate folders and rename them like this:

    • 31x
    • 32x
    • 33x
    • 40x

    In each folder rename sip.ld to appropriate format:

    • 31x/sip_318.ld → 31x/sip_31x.ld
    • 32x/sip.ld → 32x/sip_32x.ld
    • 33x/sip.ld → 33x/sip_33x.ld
    • 40x → do nothing

    Rename SIP configuration:

    • 31x/sip_318.cfg → 31x/sip_31x.cfg
    • 32x/sip.cfg → 32x/sip_32x.cfg
    • 33x/Config → 33x/Config_33x
    • 40x → do nothing

    If SIP images are split then all occuranes of sip.ld have to be renamed (example):

    • 31x/2345-11605-001.sip.ld → 31x/2345-11605-001.sip_31x.ld

    Apply above format to all files. You can use rename program if available: http://plasmasturm.org/code/rename/

    Then move the following to 40x:

    • All renamed sip.ld images
    • All renamed sip.cfg files
    • Renamed Config folder in 33x (Config_33x)

    No files should be replaced, that is the whole point of this process.

    If in any doubt consider reading Polycom PDF documentation.


    Unpack all BootROMs in folder 40x. Start from oldest version to newer version, replacing older versions.

    BootROM versions (in this order)

    • v4.1.4
    • v4.2.3
    • v4.3.0
    • v4.4.0 upgrade

    All phones should be on latest v4.x firmware that is supported. If phones are not on v4.x firmware, they have to be upgraded to v4.x firmware first. To upgrade phones to SIP v4.x firmware, you need to download BootROM v4.4 upgrade!

    Final steps:

    • Move all files inside 40x/* folder to pw/tftp/ folder.
    • Remove file 000000000000.cfg.

    Make sure all permissions for files is 644:

    cd /opt/pbxware/pw/tftp

    find . -type f | xargs chmod 644

    What really happens:

    File will download MAC.cfg first and this file will tell it which firmware it needs to download.

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