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    How to block calls to UK premium rate numbers

    The UK has a whole range of interactive services (paid for content, data services and value added services) available to telephone users that are paid for by the consumer through their telephone bill. In some situations, the person who is responsible for paying that bill would rather calls to these services were not made.

    In the UK, most of these services have a dialling prefix of 449. This article covers blocking calls to just these numbers. Other services may exist with a prefix of 4470 or 4487x. These cannot be blocked using this method and assistance from Telappliant will be required.

    Where a customer has a PBX it is possible for them to set restrictions to prevent such calls but adding a block at a SIP ID level is considered to be a far more robust approach. Restrictions applied to a SIP ID (sometimes referred to as VoIPtalk ID or Trunk ID) apply to all calls overriding exceptions set on a per-user basis if such a capability exists in the originating equipment. 

    Note: Customers with more than one SIP ID may wish to apply these changes to each ID in which case the process should be repeated for each SIP ID individually. However if one of these SIP IDs is a Master and another a Slave, then the changes only need to be made to the Master as this controls where calls can be made to.


    To complete this task you will need access to your VoIPtalk Portal. You will need to know the email address and web login password in order to log on.

    Setting up restrictions

    To set up dialling restrictions for your SIP ID please follow the steps below:

    1. Navigate to http://www.voiptalk.org using your internet browser and click the green Login button on the right of the grey menu bar at the top. Enter the email address that is registered with your account and the web login password. Click the green Sign In button.
    2. Once logged in to your Account scroll the VoIP Accounts list until you reach the "My Account" section. Click on "Blacklist"
    3. On the Blacklist page, select the SIP ID you wish to apply restrictions to by clicking on the number. The first available SIP ID is selected already when the page loads. 
    4. In the "Search country name or prefix" box above the left hand list, type "449". The list will filter accordingly and the item "United Kingdom (UK Premium Rate) (449)" will be listed.
    5. Click on this item to move it to the Blacklist list on the right.
    6. Click the green Save Changes button.

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