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    How to amend your voicemail message

    Learn practical tips for updating your voicemail greeting and optimise how others experience calling you.

    Amending Voicemail Messages

    You can change your personal voicemail using a handset registered to the VoIPOffice system.

    To change the outgoing message of an extension you are using, dial *123 from your handset. This takes you to your personal voicemail account for the extensions that you are registered to; simply press zero for mailbox options. Press one to change your unavailable voicemail message and then follow the instructions. If you would like a temporary voicemail message, press 4 and follow the instructions.

    For changes to a central or Out of Hours (OOH) voicemail message, you will need to login to your PBX account, select voicemail from the side menu of the PBX and edit the central or OOH voicemail you wish to upload a new greeting to. In this case you will need your message that you have recorded, browse your computer for the file and upload. Therefore, when a caller is diverted to the voicemail box destination, the message you have uploaded to the mailbox will play.

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