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    Guide to register MicroSIP with VoIPOffice

    Learn how to set up a MicroSIP account with VoIPoffice and make VoIP calls.


    Guide to register MicroSIP with VoIPoffice


    Download MicroSIP on using the link below to their website – https://www.microsip.org/downloads


    Login to your VoIPOffice system – 

    Click on Extensions

    Edit the extension that you wish to register with MicroSIP

    You will need the username/secret which will be required to enter in your MicroSIP configuration page

     Open MicroSIP

    Click on the little drop-down arrow located on the far top right corner of MicroSIP

    Select 'Add Account'

    You may add any 'Account name' to name the account

    SIP server- This will be your VoIPOffice Domain (e.g/.- voxxx.voipoffice.org or IP)

    SIP proxy – Copy in the SIP server details and paste (same as SIP server above)

    Username – This will be your extension number which can be found on your VoIPOffice system

    Domain - Copy in the SIP server details and paste (same as SIP server above)

    Login – You will be required to copy and paste the username here as well

    Password – This will be the secret key under your extension settings on your VoIPOffice

    Display name – Can be anything you wish to name your registration

    Hit 'Save' and you will notice the green icon light up on the bottom left corner if the registration was successful.


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