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    Custom Ringtones

    Learn how to create customised ringtones for your device.

    This feature enables users to have a custom ring tone set for their telephone. Custom ring tones can be set in following manner:

    • Using the Call Filters & Blocking option under Enhanced Services when editing extensions
    • Using the Custom Ringtone option when setting a DID
    • Setting the desired ring tone for all phones in Settings->Servers, Edit


    Call Filters & Blocking

    If you want to set a custom ring tone (which can be done per extension), click on Enhanced Services when editing your extension. Enable the Call Filters & Blocking feature. You can set a custom ring tone for anonymous callers or for known numbers. Just click on Destination Type and choose Ring Tone. In the Destination field, enter what ring tone you want and that depends on the phone that you have.

    AASTRA phones

    For AASTRA phones enter <Bellcore-drX> in the Destination field, where X is the number of ringtones, usually 1-5.

    CISCO phones

    For CISCO phones enter <Bellcore-drX> in the Destination field, where X is the number of ringtones.

    LINKSYS phones

    Enter the name of the ringtone, Simple-5 or Classic-2, for example. Ring Tone names can be checked on LINKSYS phones Settings->Ring Tone menu.

    POLYCOM phones

    To set a custom ringtone on a POLYCOM telephone, you need to edit the sip.cfg and ipmid.cfg files. In ipmid.cfg, look for the line with these variables:

     <alertInfo voIpProt.SIP.alertinfo.1.value="Sales" voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.1.class="8"/>

    With 'class' you choose which ring class you want to use when you set 'value' as SIP header. In this case, sending a SIP header with the value 'Sales' will cause the telephone to use the ringtone that is set in class 8 in ipmid.cfg file. In ipmid.cfg, class 8 line looks like this:

     <SALES se.rt.8.name="Sales" se.rt.8.type="ring" se.rt.8.ringer="3" se.rt.8.callWait="6" se.rt.8.mod="0"/>

    In this case, the telephone will use ringtone number 3. Signs like empty spaces or the " sign can be used in ring tone names if they are used with a backslash in front (ie. ").

    Most phones don't support custom ring tones.


    Yealink phones require settings on VoIPOffice and device as well. The phones settings can be updated on VoIPOffice, through a UAD auto provisioning template, or manually through the phones web interface.

    In your phones web interface, you have to navigate to the Account tab select Advanced and scroll down to Distinctive Ring Tones and change to Enabled.

    From the Settings tab select Ring and add a value to the “Internal Ringer Text” you would like to use; for example ‘Ring4’. Select the “Internal Ringer File” file from the list that you would like the phone to play when VoIPOffice send this string to your phone, for example ‘Ring4.wav’.

    On your DID or Ring Group you will have to edit Custom Ringtone: field and enter some value, for example, "Ring4" (without quotes). String entered in the device and the string entered in Custom Ringtone field must match.

    UAD Auto Provisioning – User Agent Auto General Provisioning Template:

    account.1.alert_info_url_enable = 1 (Enables “Distinctive Ring Tones” in the Account -> Advanced section)

    distinctive_ring_tones.alert_info.1.text = Ring4 (Sets the “Internal Ringer Text” value found in Setting -> Ring)

    distinctive_ring_tones.alert_info.1.ringer = 4 (Sets the “Internal Ringer File” value found in the Settings -> Ring)

    Custom Ringtone in DIDs

    It is possible to set custom ringtones for extensions set as a Destination in DIDs if the phone on that extension is AASTRA, CISCO LINKSYS or YEALINK. To set a custom ringtone for all calls coming from this DID, use the Custom Ringtone field, where you will enter the same as above, depending on the phone type.

    Now every call that comes from this DID will have the same custom ringtone, whereas using Call Filters & Blocking you need to set the custom ringtone per extension and anonymous callers. Also, if you use both ways for defining custom ring tones, the DID option overrides the Call Filters & Blocking ring tone.

    Setting Custom Ringtone for all phones

    To set a ringtone for all phones on the system, click on Settings->Servers then Edit. There you will find Ringtone for Local calls option under Features. Here you have the option to enter the desired ringtone for all the phones (info same as above).

    NOTE: In order to use this option system wide all your phones would have to be from the same manufacturer.

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