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    SIP Trunk Customers

    Gain insight into growing your business with SIP trunking technology and understanding how customers are benefitting from the technology.

    You can read more regarding SIP Trunks on the Orbtalk website

    As a SIP Trunk customer you have the ability to manage multiple trunks with multiple inbound channels. Permanent call forwards and voicemails can also be created giving you additional flexibility with your setup.


    Once you have signed up for your SIP Trunk account you will be able to login to the Orbtalk Portal with your username and password. Once you have logged in you will see your home page with various options. Selecting the 'SIP Services > Overview' option will take you to your current setup. You will see options for Channels, Numbers and Trunk Settings.

    SIP Trunks

    SIP Trunks can be registered to your phone system with a username and password enabling you to make and receive calls to your inbound phone numbers.

    As a SIP Trunk customer you will receive full functionality. You can read more by using the below links.

    Call Forwards

    Call Forwards can be used to permanently divert calls made to your Orbtalk phone numbers to any other number. For example, if you are out of the office you could forward these calls onto your mobile.

    You can read more about Call Forward configuration using the below links.


    Voicemails can be used to permanently divert calls made to your Orbtalk phone numbers to a voicemail box. The selected email will be notified when a message is left.

    You can read more about Voicemail configuration using the below links.

    Channel Management

    As a SIP Trunk customer you will also be able to fully manage your channels. By default you will have five inbound channels, this will allow you to receive five concurrent calls. Additional channels can be purchased through the shop. Using the top toolbar buttons, selecting the Channels option will allow you to allocate channels to individual trunks. You can read more about channel management here.

    Number Management

    Numbers can be moved between trunks any point through the online Portal, you can move a single number or multiple groups of numbers at once. You can read more about number management here.

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