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    How to Create a New Conference Room in VoIPOffice

    Learn how to set up an audio conference room in VoIPOffice and make conference calls with ease.

    A Conference room allows you to speak to other users, both internal and external, without needing a conference-enabled phone. Ensure you have already created a Group.

    1. To create a new conference, go to Conference > Add Conference.
      We can add the usual details such as a Name and Number. By Default the group selected will be 'Default', i.e., it will use the default settings, but we want to use our new one, so select your group from the drop down menu.
    2. Go to Advanced Options

    Maximum number of users: This is the maximum number of users permitted in the Conference.

    Conference PIN: We don't want anyone entering the conference! If set, this PIN must be provided by all callers before entering the Conference. This is good for keeping the conference secure. Please note that the PIN will appear as dots, so ensure you record this elsewhere.

    Conference Admin PIN: When users enter the Admin PIN, they dynamically gain administrative rights for the conference that they are dialling into.

    Conference Marked PIN: When users enter the Marked PIN, they dynamically gain marked user rights for the conference that they are dialling into.

    Rings to answer: Number of rings played to the caller before a call is allowed to enter the Conference.

    RTP Delay [sec]: Delay time in seconds inserted before the conference operator answers. This delay solves the 'half-played' greeting file problem. Keep this value set between 1-3 for optimal performance.

    NOTE: The 'half-played' greeting file problem usually exists on VOIP trunks.

    So we will set a PIN (1234), and restrict the number of users to 5. We will also add three rings before answering, so calls know that the call is connecting.

    Click save to complete.

    For internal users, just dialling the conference number will be enough to join the meeting, but external users can join too. In your DIDs, go to Add New DID (or, if a number already exists, edit this DID instead.)

    Add the new number, then select 'Destination > Conference' and in Value add the Conference number and click save. Now you can invite external users, who will call the number and be automatically added to the conference.


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