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    How to Install and Setup VoIPOffice Communicator for PC (Software Release 3.8.10)

    Learn how to install and setup VoIPOffice Communicator on PC for maximum efficiency.

    This guide will show you how to install and setup VoIPOffice Communicator for PC. VoIPOffice is a powerful and extremely flexible cloud phone system sold by Telappliant. Communicator is the software phone (softphone) which allows you to make and receive calls from your desktop PC or mobile phone, just as if you were using your desk phone. It is important that you don’t get your VoIPOffice login details mixed up with your extension details.

    The first thing we need to do is download Communicator. Click 'Download' below.

    Save the file to your computer. Once downloaded then open the file to start the installation.


    You may be asked if you’re sure you want to run the file; if that happens, click 'Run'.


    When the file is running then the installation has started, click 'Next' to continue.

    Read the licence agreements carefully, click 'I agree to the terms of this licence agreement' and then click 'Next'.

    Ensure you have enough free storage space on your computer and click 'Next'.

    Choose who shortcuts should be available to and click 'Next'.

    If you’re using Polycom phones tick 'Install WinPcap'. If you’re not using Polycom phones then leave the 'Install WinPcap' option un-ticked and then click 'Next'.

    The installer has all the information it needs so click 'Next'.


    The application now installs to your computer so wait for it to finish.

    When the installation has finished click 'Finish'.

    Congratulations! VoIPOffice Communicator is now installed.


    In order to configure our new software phone with VoIPOffice, we’ll need to login to our VoIPOffice and get our extension details. Remember VoIPOffice is the cloud phone system we’re connecting our phone to, so don’t configure Communicator with the VoIPOffice login details. Communicator may have started itself after installation, don’t use it yet, go to your browser and login to VoIPOffice.


    Enter your VoIPOffice IP address into your web browser e.g.

    Please enter your own VoIPOffice IP or domain and not the example stated above.


    You may get a warning; click continue/proceed and if possible add the website as an exception so you don’t get warned in future.


    Login to your VoIPOffice using the email address and password you’ve been provided.

    When you’re logged in you’ll see your extensions page. Choose the extension which you want to use with the Communicator software phone you’ve just installed. For example here we could choose Extension 11, 12 or 13.

    When you’ve chosen an extension click the edit button.

    Here we’re going to edit Extension 11. Now we can see all the details we need to configure Communicator.

    There are 3 details we need.

    • the VoIPOffice IP Address
    • extension number
    • extension password

    Note: The details above are fictional and you need to use the values from your own installation.

    If you’re configuring Communicator on multiple machines, repeat the process for installation of Communicator. In summary:

    Login to VoIPOffice, get the extension details, and configure Communicator.

    If you closed Communicator, open it again and click 'Create Profile'. Otherwise you should already see the Profile Wizard which will guide you through configuration.

    When you see Welcome to Profile Wizard click 'Next'.


    Enter your extension number as the Profile name.

    Click 'Next'.


    When asked if you want to create a profile using configuration file leave the box unticked.

    Click 'Next'.

    For 'Server' enter your VoIPOffice IP Address. For 'Extension' enter your extension number. For 'Secret' enter your extension password. For 'SIP Proxy' leave blank.

    Click 'Next'.

    If you’re using Communicator by itself choose 'VoIPOffice Communicator softphone account' which is the default option. If you’re using the Communicator software phone with a hardware phone at the same time then choose 'Desk phone account'.

    Click 'Next'.

    Review your settings.

    Click 'Finish'.

    Congratulations! You’ve now configured Communicator and you’re ready to Log In.

    Click 'Log In'.


    You’ll see a 'Connecting, please wait…' message for a moment.

    Now you’re online!


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