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    How to Configure BLF on a Cisco 50X for VoIPOffice

    Discover how to quickly and easily configure BLF on a Cisco 50X to get the most out of your VoIPOffice system.

    The Busy Lamp Field (BLF) allows a list of specific extensions to be monitored for status changes. So for example you can see if other users are currently busy, idle, receiving an incoming call and so on. 

    On the VoIPOffice extension itself, under enhanced services, enable the 'BLF' and 'Call Pickup' services.

    Login to your Cisco phone, clicking 'Admin Login' and 'Advanced' on the top right.

    Under the 'Phone' tab, choose a line key and then enter your settings as in the example below. Please use your own extension number and IP address, and not the details shown below.


    Phone Tab

    Extension: Disabled

    Share Call Appearance: private

    Extended Function (example only - use your own extension and VoIPOffice IP address) : fnc=sd+cp+blf;sub=101@

    Short Name: 101 (use your own extension number)

    * Replace the details in blue with your own settings.


    Attendant Console Tab

    Server Type: Asterisk

    Attendant Console Call Pickup Code: *8

    Please note that if you have a Multi-Tenant VoIPOffice, the tenant code is not required for the BLF settings.

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