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    Gigaset N300IP Setup for VoIPOffice

    This article provides step-by-step guidance on setting up the Gigaset N300IP for VoIPOffice.

    1. Using the web browser on your PC, navigate to www.gigaset-config.com or other known IP address.

    2.  Select the correct device.

    3.  In order to login, type in the system PIN. By default it is 0000
      If the following page is shown, just click 'OK'

    4. Once on the 'Home' Tab. Click on the 'Settings' tab in order to begin configuration.

    5.  In the left hand menu select 'Telephony'

    6.  Select the 'Edit' button in the account row you would like to configure. In this example 'IP1' will be used.

    7.  Select 'Show advanced settings'

    8.  The following settings need to be changed.
      Connection name or number: VoIPOffice Extension   

      Authentication name: VoIPOffice Extension 
      Authentication password: VoIPOffice Extension Password
      Username: VoIPOffice Extension
      Display name: VoIPOffice Extension 

      Domain: VoIPOffice IP 
      Registration server: VoIPOffice IP
      Outbound server address: VoIPOffice IP 

      Click 'Set' to confirm and save the settings.

    9.  Once configured ensure that the checkbox next to the account configured is selected. The status should change to 'Registered' after a few seconds.

    10.  Congratulations! Your phone should now be configured.

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