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    How to alter the Ring Time for an Extension, Ring Group or Queue on VoIPOffice

    Learn how to adjust the ring time for any external, group, or queue extensions in VoIPOffice.

    The Ring Time is the duration in seconds that the caller will hear a ringing sound or on-hold music before the call is considered unanswered. Customers can change the ring time to suit their organisational requirements. The default ring time is 32 seconds.

    The article below outlines the process for changing the Ring Time on a phone extension. The process is the same for ring groups and queues.


    You will need administrator access to your VoIPOffice web portal and your VoIPOffice IP address or domain name. These details would have been provided to the account holder in the original Welcome Pack email.

    • Log on to your VoIPOffice

    • Once logged on to your VoIPOffice, follow these steps to change the Ring Time. Substitute Extensions for Queues or Ring Groups as required.

    Click on "Extensions" in the navigation menu on the left hand side.

    Click on the edit button beside the Extension you wish to update.

    The Extension: Edit page opens. Click on the Advanced Options link.

    The Ring Time value is under Call Properties. Change the value then click the Save button. Note that 32 seconds is approximatively equivalent to 5 rings.

    Additional Information

    The same process applies to a Ring Group or Queue. The only difference is the Ring Time is called Timeout for Ring Group and Queue Ring Timeout for queue.

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