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    Configuring Zoiper5 with VoIP services

    Settings for using VoIPtalk, Red services with the Zoiper desktop and mobile app

    Zoiper is a very widely used desktop and mobile app which can be used with any SIP service such as VoIPtalk and Telappliant Red.

    • Download and install Zoiper.
    • Once you have launched Zoiper, click on 'Create Account'

    • Select VoIPtalk from the providers list and enter your VoIP ID and password.
    • You should now be successfully register and able to use the service. To confirm this dial 902 for a greeting message and dial 905 to test your microphone.


    Configuring Zoiper with VoIPtalk

    We have noticed sometimes that Zoiper doesn't quite use the correct settings. To verify that your settings are correct check the following:

    • Click the Settings icon and then the Account menu. 
    • Verify that you have the following settings:
      • Domain : voiptalk.org
      • Username / Password: your VoIPtalk ID and password
      • Make sure Use Outbound Proxy is ticked and set to: nat.voiptalk.org:5065. Please ensure that STUN is disabled as we have seen this sometimes being set by default. 
    • If you are using a Mac and have noticed your microphone and/or speakers do not work then select Audio from the Media menu adjust your input/output device settings.

    Once setup, you should see a green tick at the bottom of the main screen, which means you have successfully registered to the service.

    Configuring Zoiper with Red

    If you require configuration for the Telappliant Red (ex-Draytel) service please use the advanced options to make the following settings:

    • Domain : draytel.org 
    • Username / Password: your Red id and password
    • Make sure Use Outbound Proxy is ticked and set to: nat.draytel.org:5065. As above, please ensure that STUN is disabled.

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