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    How to configure Counterpath X-Lite for use with a VoIPtalk trunk

    Learn how to make and receive calls using X-Lite with a VoIPtalk trunk.


    Before you begin there are some pieces of information that you will require:

    1. Your SIP ID (sometimes called VoIPtalk ID or trunk ID).
    2. The password that is associated with that SIP ID.


    Your password can be found via the VoIPtalk portal.

    Counterpath X-Lite should already be installed on the computer. You can download it from http://www.counterpath.com/x-lite-download


    Configuring the softphone:

    1. If not already running, double-click the X-Lite icon to launch the application.
    2. On the application's menu, click on Softphone then Account Settings.
    3. Enter the Account details as follows:
      Account Name - This can be any value that describes the connection
      User ID - This should be your SIP ID
      Domain - Enter 'VoIPtalk.org' (without the quotes) here
      Password - Enter the password associated with your SIP ID
      Display name - This can be anything but typically enter the SIP ID again
      Authorisation name - This must be your SIP ID
      Register with domain and receive calls - Ensure this is selected
      Proxy Address - Enter 'nat.VoIPtalk.org:5065' (without the quotes) here
    4. Click OK to save the settings.


    Testing the service:

    To test that the softphone can make a call, use the keypad to dial '902' then press the green phone icon to initiate the call. You should hear a congratulations message. 

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