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    How to Configure a Polycom handset for VoIPOffice extension

    Learn how to set up a Polycom phone for use with VoIPOffice, including connecting to an existing extension.

    You will need access to the VoIPOffice PBX, or your extension username, password and the VoIPOffice IP address.

    1. Power up the phone.
      The IP address will be picked from the DHCP server on your network and will be displayed on the LCD.

    2. Open a web browser on your PC and type the SoundStations's IP address in the address field (make sure that your PC and SoundStation are on the same network).
      This will present you with the configuration web page for the IP4000.

    3. Click on the SIP link. This will ask for your username and password. The Default Admin Username is Polycom and the Default Admin Password is 456.

    4. Enter the values to match the guide below. Please note the address will be your VoIPOffice IP address.
    5. Save and allow the handset to reboot. Then log back into the configuration page and select Line 1.

    6. Enter the details below:
    7. Save and let the handset reboot. When the phone is back online, if you have entered the details correctly the extension should now display as 'online' in the VoIPOffice monitor.

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