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    3CX Softphone - Basic Setup

    Learn how to quickly set up the 3CX Softphone on your device.

    1. Install this free softphone from 3CX
    2. See screenshot of connection settings
      1. ID Trunk ID (Premium Trunk), Extension Username (Legacy PBX) or Extension Number (Cloud PBX)
      2. Password is your trunk or extension's password
      3. enable - I am in the office - local IP is sip.orbtalk.co.uk (OS trunks) or PBX domain
      4. enable - Use Outbound Proxy server is sip.orbtalk.co.uk (OS trunks) or PBX domain
      5. add your Extension ID - this can be a number or a name
    3. Leave everything else as default for basic telephone calls or to test out before making any changes to your preferences.

    Basic Settings

    1. When you are connected the softphone will show you 'On Hook' with your Ext number or name at top of phone with your gateway ID i.e. 195@sip.orbtalk.co.uk.
      1. The time showing will be taken from your PC (Windows) clock.
      2. If you select the ? your browser will automatically make a connection to www.3cx.com
    2. The Button on bottom of phone - when you press this, you can select:2.1 - Preferences
      i.e. for the phone to start automatically when Windows starts
      1. Accounts:
        • Profile - your personal profile settings - give it a name
        • Credentials - your settings to connect to the Orbtalk gateway i.e. sip.orbtalk.co.uk
        • Calls - call history
        • Debug - shows status of your softphone
        • About - shows version of softphone you are using
        • Exit - closed down the connection to the gateway and closes your softphone icon
    3. There are some bottom task bar buttons which have a quicker access to:- your call history and duration
      • missed calls
      • phonebook etc

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