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    Changing Caller ID for Forwards

    Learn how to change your caller ID when forwarding your calls.

    The only way we’re able to change the Caller ID for calls forwarded from numbers is to forward them to a different DID on the PBX – there’s no way to differentiate between calls coming into one number.

    What you can do, however, is forward calls to an otherwise unused DID (such as a DID on their account set to deny access), replace the Caller ID for this DID, then point that DID at your main queue.

    Take the below scenario:

    Calls are forwarded from 02083461132 to 02035887912 (currently set as Deny Access).

    02035887912 is set to replace Caller ID to something along the lines of 'Old System %CALLERID%'.

    02035887912 is then pointed at your main Queue.

    The end result of this would be that calls from the numbers forwarded into our system would reach the end extension with a different caller ID to other calls.

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