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    An Overview on DIDs

    This article provides a comprehensive look into Direct Inward Dialling (DID) services.

    DIDs are the phone numbers that are on your PBX system (Direct Inbound Dial). They can be linked to one extension or a ring group, conference, IVR or finally a Queue.

    If you link the DID to one extension, it will only ring that extension specified, this is also known as a direct dial.

    If you link the DID to a ring group, it will ring the extensions or destinations specified in the ring group's settings.

    You can also link the DID to a conference, this means that the number will be used as a conference number, so people can ring in to the conference and have multi-way calls with many people in one call.

    An IVR can also be linked in with a DID, this means when you call the number, The system will play a message, then the customer has to press 1, 2 and so on for the person they want to speak too.

    Lastly, DIDs can be linked to Queues, this will queue the calls for the agents that are specified in the Queue settings.

    This tutorial will show you the advanced DID setup.

    Firstly, select the edit button next to the DID and then click advanced.

    The first option we will look at is operation times; click the operation times button to open settings in a new window.

    The default destination can be set to either a voicemail or an alternative extension. The call will be forwarded to the default destination if the DID is called outside of your operation hours.

    The operation times have a greeting that can be played if a customer calls this number outside of the operation hours. This can be recorded by dialling *301 on your handset.

    Navigate to the open days section to configure your open and closed times. On this example anything before 9am and after 5pm, Monday to Friday will divert to the default destination.

    Go back to the advanced DID options, here we can set a greeting on the DID, this will play at the beginning of the call.

    Replace Caller ID alters the inbound number that is presented on the telephone display, this can be used to present an alternative company name or company department.

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