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    cloudStore backup frequently asked questions

    Where is our data stored?

    Within UK-only ISO27001 certified data centres, ensuring your private data is not susceptible to prying data privacy and protection laws outside of the UK.

    How resilient is our data?

    Backups are replicated to two geographically diverse data centres within the UK with the option of further replication across Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and more.

    How secure is our data?

    All data is encrypted using 256-bit full length AES encryption which is military grade and super secure. Password protection is provided along with an auto-generated 256-bit truly randomized encrypting key for each backup set.

    Which operating systems and common data types are supported?

    Please refer to our cloudStore comprehensive features document for a full list.

    Does cloudStore support cross platform?

    Yes cloudStore will work seamlessly across multiple platforms as a single backup solution, regardless if you use exchange, SQL, Linux or Windows Server or all of them. Please refer to our cloudStore comprehensive features document for a full list of supported platforms.

    We have a large amount of data to backup how long will it take?

    This would depend on the speed of your data connection and how much data would need to be backed up initially, subsequent recurring backups would be incremental so will take minimum bandwidth and time resource.

    Contact us to find out if your current data connection will be adequate to handle your backup requirements.** cloudStore is equipped with speed optimising technologies such as multi-threading, In-file delta, fast indexing and compression optimisation to ensure your backup is as quick as can be.

    What options do we have for the initial back up?

    You can carry out the initial backup over your data connection, however, if the backup size is too vast or your data connection limited - You can copy everything you need to be backed up via a hard drive, DVD/ Blu-ray disc or USB drive and securely post it to us and we will carry out the initial backup for you.

    How can we access, manage and recover our backup?

    Our user friendly web based interface allows you to access and manage all your backups. Intuitive graphical reporting tools will allow you to easily track your backups, usage, destinations and restore reports. No one wants to experience trouble during restore, and with built in CRC data integrity checking, verification and rectification, your data backups are 100% restorable.

    Can backups be automated?

    Yes, once the frequency date and time are set, backups will run automatically.

    What level of support is included?

    Full 24/7 award winning UK-based support via email and phone.

    Do you have easy access to a history of files?

    Yes, versioning as it is commonly known is available and is easily accessed via your web portal.

    Are you notified of all changes?

    As long as your contact details are correct, you will automatically be notified of all changes via email.

    Is cloudStore scalable?

    Absolutely, whether you require additional storage, are adding additional servers or computers or integrating a different operating system cloudStore has you covered, all that would be required is a license upgrade.

    **Should your data backup be over 1 TB in size, involve multiple servers and locations or a large network of computers please speak to one of our sales specialists to review whether cloudStore or one of our other backup and storage solutions may be better suited to your requirements.

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