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    How to configure call redirection for a specific period of time

    Learn how to easily set up call redirection for a specified period of time and know when to place, remove or change it.

    For a specific period, a user can configure the VoIPOffice to redirect the calls to a different destination. Operation Times is the feature available to achieve it and it can be configured on DIDs, Queues and IVRs. In this case, we will show how to configure the Operation Times for DIDs. It is the same principle for Queues and IVRs.


    To complete this task you will need to know the following:

    • The administration email address
    • The login password
    • The IP address of your VoIPOffice

    Log on to your VoIPOffice.

    Configure the Operation Times for a DID.

    Once logged on to your VoIPOffice, follow these steps to configure the Operation Times on a DID.

    1. Click on 'DID' in the navigation menu on the left hand side.

    2. Click on the edit button beside the DID you wish to update.

    3. The DID: Edit page opens. Click on the Advanced Options link.

    4. Click on the Operation times button.

    5. A new window will open. Click on 'On' to enable the Operation Times.

    6. You can set Operation Times by configuring Custom Destinations, Open Days or Closed Dates. If none of those three are configured and Operation Times is enabled, the call will go to the default destination and the greeting can also be enabled. The default destination can be an Extension, a Voicemail, a Queue or a Ring Group.

    • Custom Destinations: Redirects all calls received during set hours and date to VoIPOffice extension provided. Click on the green plus to add a custom destination. In this example, from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm, the call will normally go to the original destination, but outside those days and hours, the call will go to extension 102. Multiple Custom Destinations can be added or removed; they can also be temporarily disabled by clicking the case 'O'.
    • Open Days: Sets the working hours during which the DID is normally configured to go to the default destination. If any call is received during the hours not set here, the call is redirected to the 'Default Destination' in case there is no Custom Destinations set. In this example, the working hours are Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm. Outside those working hours, the calls will go to the Default Destination if there is no Custom Destination set.
    • Closed Dates: Sets the specific date when all calls are redirected to the Default Destination. If the 'Destination' field in the Closed dates is set, call will not go to the Default Destination.


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