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    Manage my Voicemail

    The VoIPtalk Voicemail service (available for Prepay Silver / VoIPtalk Unlimited customers only) offers some great features including:

    •  Different types of greetings (unavailable, busy, name only)
    •   Email notification of new messages. The email will include the voice message as a .wav attachment
    •   Ability to organize messages into folders.
    •   Password protected mailboxes
    •   Online configuration

    "The Voicemail service allows great flexibility for you in setting up all the above features with a choice of greetings, ways to access your mailbox and other mailbox options."

    How do I set up my Voice Mailbox?

    Your Voicemail will be set up by default with your VoIPtalk Password as your Voicemail PIN. As this password cannot usually be recognised by a phone keypad, it is advisable to change your Voicemail PIN by logging in to your account and selecting "Manage my Voicemail".

    On the following form, enter your own chosen (numeric) Voicemail PIN and the email address to which you want your voicemails to be sent.

    Click on ‘Update’ to save your settings.

    How do I access my Voice Mailbox?

    From a VoIP Phone: Dial 9200 to access your Mailbox. You will be prompted for your password. The password you enter is your Voicemail PIN.(Make sure the Voicemail PIN you enter is numeric). Press "#" to confirm. In some cases you may be prompted for your VoIPtalk ID first.

    From a PSTN phone: You can access your Voice Mailbox by dialing 0845 004 9200 or +44(0)20 7043 9200. In this case the system will prompt for the User ID (VoIPtalk ID) and Password (Voicemail PIN). Press "#" after entering each value to confirm.

    The ‘Manage Voicemail’ form allows you to change the Voicemail PIN and the email address to which notifications are sent.

    How do I change my greeting?

    To change your greeting, access your mailbox and then press 0 to access your mailbox options. You will then have the following options:

    • Press 1 to record your unavailable message
    • Press 2 to record your busy message
    • Press 3 to record your name
    • Press 4 to record your temporary greeting

    Please note that voicemails older than 14 days will be automatically deleted.

    Ring Timeout

    You can define the duration (in seconds) that the call will ring before routing to voicemail.

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