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    Aastra 6867i VoIP Phone Setup for VoIPtalk

    To configure Aastra 6867i VoIP phone, you need to plugin the phone into the power outlet and connect it to your IP network. The phone will boot up and connect to the network automatically. Now you need a PC connected into the same network so that you can access the web configuration menu of your Aastra phone.

    Find IP Address of Aastra 6867i 

    To find the IP address of your Aastra 6867i phone please press the settings key on the handset. It will display the "status" page on the screen. Now press the tick button on Navigation key and scroll down to "Network". You will find your Aastra 6867i IP address here.

    Web Configuration

    Now follow the steps below to configure your Aastra 6867i phone with your VoIPtalk settings.

    1. Enter the IP address found above as URL in a web browser on your PC which is on the same network.

    2. You will see a pop up for "Authentication Required" will appear and ask you to enter your "User Name" and "Password". The default details are:

    User Name: admin

    Password: 22222

    Enter the login details and click on the "Log In" icon as shown below

    3. On the left menu section of the screen click on line 1, under Advanced Setting

    4. Enter the account details as follows:

    Screen Name - This can be any value which will display on the phone screen.

    Phone Number - This should be your SIP ID

    Authentication Name - This should be your SIP ID

    Password - Enter the password associated with your SIP ID

    Proxy Server - voiptalk.org

    Proxy Port - 5060

    Outbound Proxy Server - nat.voiptalk.org

    Outbound Proxy Port - 5065

    Registrar Server - voiptalk.org

    Registrar Port - 5060

    Click on the Save settings button on the bottom of the screen. Your phone will confirm you the changes.

    5. On the web config screen, you will be advised you to restart the phone. To restart the phone,  click on the Reset option under the Operations section on the left-side menu. 

     Click on the button Restart 

    The phone will automatically restart.

    Once the phone will reboot itself, your phone will be registered.

    Testing the service

    To test that the softphone can make a call, use the keypad to dial '902' then press the green phone icon to initiate the call. You should hear a congratulations message. 


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